Sampa Stroller Seat

From 1 month up to 3 years old

In both face-to-face stroller moms also worry baby!

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Product Description

Per month-up to 3-year-old long-in both face-to-face baby carriages can be ku使 MOM and baby safe!
And the baby out is put up bright and flamboyant one.
Stepless adjustment is possible among the reclining seat 120 to 165 degrees.
On four wheels with Stoppers, so face-to-face at also can lock tires in situ.
With one-touch easy to handle switch.
5-point safety belt so firmly supports the baby.
You need support in hand, take a stand. Is a stable shape.
Big movable type awnings. Cover with mesh Windows.

■ age: 1 month around-up to 36 months weight standard: up to 15 kg
■ size: 51.5 x 76.5 x 97.5 H(cm) folded: /43.5 x 30 × 96 H (cm)
■ weight :5.1kg
■ Note:
Material / aluminum, polyester, polypropylene, etc
Country / people’s Republic of China
Seat width / 32 cm
Seat height / 42 cm
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