Mold Cleaner Kabi Killer

This type of detergent is very effective, popular and can be easily purchased in any supermarkets or drug stores in Japan. Mildew / stains on walls, bathtubs, shower chairs, showers, etc., can be easily cleaned after a few minutes.

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Product Description

Product name: Mold killer

Made in Japan

Component: Water (solvent), hypochlorite (oxidant), stabilizer, sodium hydroxide (alkali agent), alkylamine oxide (surfactant), sodium alkylsulfonate (surfactant), sodium alkyl sulfate (Surfactant), perfume.

Capacity: 400g

Liquid: Alkalinit

Application: Walls and tiles in the bathroom, joints, shower curtains, rubber packing for doors, etc.

How to use: 

  1. Align the “out” of the nozzle with the groove in the center of the yellow part. ( Please do not operate toward the face).
  2. Spray approximately 15 cm away from mold stains and spray directly. (Please do not spray above the eyes. When using in high places such as walls and ceilings, apply a sponge to the handle and apply it).
  3.  After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. ( It is effective if you put it for several minutes for severe mold stains).
  4. After use, align the “stop” of the nozzle with the groove in the center of the yellow part and stand in a cool dark place for storage.


  1. Repel mold on bathroom ceilings
  2. Bathroom odor solution
  3. Mold removal in the bathroom
  4. Clean the wash basin