Baby Diaper – Merries (TAPE TYPE)

New born size: Birth – 5 kg (60 pieces)

S – size: 4 – 8 kg ( 54 pieces)

M – size: 6 – 11 kg ( 64 pieces)

L – size: 9 – 14 kg ( 54 pieces)

XL – size: 12 – 20 kg ( 44 pieces)

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Product Description

The polymers in Merries diapers can absorb up to 200 – 300 times the weight of fluid relative to its weight.

How to change Tape diapers:

  1. Spread out the diaper and raise the inner gathers that help to prevent leakage.
  2. Place the new diaper directly beneath the soiled diaper before removing it. Pull the top part of the diaper up until it is slightly above your baby’s navel. Open the soiled diaper and wipe away all poo and pee, then gently lift up your baby’s bottom to remove the soiled diaper.
  3. Place your fingers over the inner gathers to keep them raised as you lift the new diaper over your baby’s navel. For boys, ensure that the penis is pointing downwards.
  4. Hold down the sides of the diaper and gently pull the tape over. Ensure both sides are symmetrical before fastening. Use your fingers to adjust the side gathers around your baby’s thighs evenly so as to prevent leakages.