Airy Baby Chair

Richell Airy Baby Chair makes babies sit comfortably, not only in the bathroom but can also be used in the family room.

Age Category

 children aged 7 months to 12 months.

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Product Description

  • Balanced and not tilted. The sitting position and has a low weight so that the baby stays in position and does not tilt.
  • Easily lift the baby. Step on the “foot tread” to release your child from the “Air Baby Chair”.
  • Easy to deflate. It only takes 2 minutes to deflate. And fold it to make it easy to store.
  • The back has a hole to hang for easy drying.

Item Size: 46x48x27H (cm) 
Body Material, Pump, Air-Stopper: PVC 
Air-vent: Silicone Inner Air Vent: PU (Phthalate ester free)