2-Height Booster Seat


Richell 2-Height Booster Seat dining chair is a line of dining chairs made from safe plastic for babies from birth to age 5, suitable for the baby’s development stages with two height adjustment steps.

2-Position Baby Chair


RICHELL 2 Position Baby Chair

For children from 8-months to 5-years old

Airy Baby Chair


Richell Airy Baby Chair makes babies sit comfortably, not only in the bathroom but can also be used in the family room.

Age Category

 children aged 7 months to 12 months.

Bath Reclining Chair & Mat


Richell Bath Reclining Chair with Mat is a baby bath that is safe, comfortable and soft for babies even for newborns. This tool will really help you to bathe your baby yourself comfortably and easily. Bathing your child will feel more calm and relaxed.

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